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Screencaps: "Teamwork" - 6x08 (BIG caps)

So, I've been trying out a new way of screencapping. This batch took me AGES to do with the new way of doing it dksdkgl. But feedback: are these better quality than the ones I've been posting? I'd really appreciate the feedback because if they *aren't* really better quality, then I want to know so I don't go wasting time doing it this way. So please - be honest! :-)

House: "Teamwork" (6x08)
1,766 caps, 1427 x 801, 100MB, .rar

click the images to preview full size

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire

If you don't have a programme that extracts .rar files, download WinRAR here.

For other screencaps, go here.

+ Please comment if you're taking.
+ Please credit either ticcyyy or bold_as_brass.
+ Do NOT post these anywhere else.
+ Enjoy!

→ If you wish to keep up-to-date with future screencap uploads, please W A T C H or J O I N bold_as_brass. ♥
Tags: ! - screencaps, !house - season 6, character - allison cameron, character - chris taub, character - eric foreman, character - gregory house, character - james wilson, character - lisa cuddy, character - robert chase, character - thirteen, house ep - "teamwork" 6x08
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Thank you! And thankyou for posting in cuddelstein :D
they still seem quite blurry... but they are better than the previous ones tbh. what is your source?
HDTV .avi file.

I guess the blurriness doesn't really matter when it comes to making icons etc, but other than making the dimensions of the screencaps smaller, idk how to make them any clearer. :-(
Just a suggestion not sure but I think the blurriness is because the original size HDTV is 1280x720 and when u make them bigger in your case 1427 x 801 they get blurry. The player I use has option to use original size and most of the time I don't change that as an option,
try it because I really like the colors they look pretty the same as .png but at the same time not so heavy :)
I'm judging only by the samples but if this new way takes you hours to make not sure if the effort is worth bb, they look pretty the same to me - I hope u don't offend, u said u want honest opinions.
I don't know if the quality is better because it's the first time I download your caps but I wanted to tell thank you so much for the great job and the rapidity!
I don't think they're blurry, it's just the size. The quality does seem slightly better in these. Which I will be downloading <3
Downloading and will credit. :D

The caps look fine to me, just a tiny bit blurry though.
I'm not sure I see that much different to warrant ages more time making them... Thanks for them as always!
Umm. Haven't opened it yet so don't really know the diff yet. But thanks for sharing :)Will credit you. :D
Thank you very much, downloading! :)
Thank you so much for your caps!Downloading & using them :)
I'm donwloading, thanks!
Downloading and will credit :)
Thank you!!