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Screencaps: "Teamwork" - 6x08 (BIG caps)

So, I've been trying out a new way of screencapping. This batch took me AGES to do with the new way of doing it dksdkgl. But feedback: are these better quality than the ones I've been posting? I'd really appreciate the feedback because if they *aren't* really better quality, then I want to know so I don't go wasting time doing it this way. So please - be honest! :-)

House: "Teamwork" (6x08)
1,766 caps, 1427 x 801, 100MB, .rar

click the images to preview full size

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire

If you don't have a programme that extracts .rar files, download WinRAR here.

For other screencaps, go here.

+ Please comment if you're taking.
+ Please credit either ticcyyy or bold_as_brass.
+ Do NOT post these anywhere else.
+ Enjoy!

→ If you wish to keep up-to-date with future screencap uploads, please W A T C H or J O I N bold_as_brass. ♥
Tags: ! - screencaps, !house - season 6, character - allison cameron, character - chris taub, character - eric foreman, character - gregory house, character - james wilson, character - lisa cuddy, character - robert chase, character - thirteen, house ep - "teamwork" 6x08
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