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[vid] Hurt (House/Cuddy)

Ahhhhhhhh!! I FOUND MY VIDDING MUSE. FUCK, YES. I was listening to music last night, feeling blah about Michael Jackson's death, feeling just blah in general, and then this song, Hurt, came on my playlist, something I've heard a million times, and was suddenly bunnied. I literally made this video in probably a few hours. GUH. I HAVE MISSED VIDDING and have really missed vidding while on a roll. There's nothing more annoying than vidding and getting stuck with inspiration. And I've been feeling particularly feh in terms of creativity lately. ANYWAY.

Sendspace (45MB, .wmv) | Youtube

title: Hurt
pairing: House/Cuddy
song: Hurt by Christina Aguilera
duration: 5;25

summary: This is a kind of fic vid. Meaning, it has a storyline, as opposed to... not having a storyline! The storyline is this: House and Cuddy are in a relationship that started out passionate and loving. But as the months drew on, their issues and their baggage started to become what their relationship is rather than what they feel for each other. And they use words to hurt each other - both of them. Yet, they don't want to hurt each other, but they're both stubborn and always on the defence around each other, that every time Cuddy goes to House's apartment to try and work things out with him, they end up fighting and saying nasty things to each other. They want to work out their issues and they want to be together, but their relationship has reached such a point of destruction that neither of them know how to fix it.

The video - I hope - is self-explanatory to the storyline. So, I don't feel I need to add anything else about this video. The only thing I will add is that I drew inspiration for this vid from cuddys_house. Those who follow that community will understand once you watch this video! Comments and concrit are welcome and appreciated.

Thanks very much for watching! ♥

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Tags: ! - fanvids, character - gregory house, character - lisa cuddy, ship - house/cuddy
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