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[vid] Inertia Creeps: take two (House/Cuddy/Wilson)

download the "take two" version (32MB, .wmv) | download the original version (38MB, .wmv)

title: Inertia Creeps
pairings/ threesome: House/Cuddy/Wilson, House/Cuddy, Wilson/Cuddy, House/Wilson
song: Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack
length: 3;43
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.

summary & notes: A darker look at House/Cuddy/Wilson. An entanglement they all wind up in together which pushes all the boundaries leads to jealousy, obsession and a deconstruction of friendships.

So, I'd had this "take two" of this vid on my hard drive for ages. This version is mostly the same as the other vid, though there is a difference in that it takes a brief but further look into how this triangle is affecting House and Wilson's relationship.

To recap what I'd said about the original version of this (for those who haven't watched it before, and this recap applies to the "take two" version, too): I repeated some particular clips in this vid to give the idea of obsession - House and Wilson obsessing over what they've each done with Cuddy, falling into a trap of jealousy and being unable to tell who they're actually jealous of, and being unable to let it go. Maybe I repeated the clips a bit excessively, I don't know. I guess if it works for you, then it works. If it doesn't... well, I'll know what not to do next time. I'm still working out the kinks of this vidding business. The only way to work those out is to experiment and see what works and what doesn't, amirite. The ending can be interpreted how you want it to be. The idea I had is that despite the destruction this entanglement they've got themselves into causes, they keep repeating the cycle; the awkward glances they pass gives the idea that they've ended up colliding back together again.

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